Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Glitter

I was trying on some outfits for a Christmas party this weekend (Yay Christmas parties are starting already!) and I think I have a winner.

My mom picked me up this great skirt from Joe Fresh.  Don't you love how stylish and affordable their line is?  This is my first sequin piece of clothing I think.  The top I'm wearing here are matted sequins and a lot easier to pull off with other pieces.  Do you think there's too much going on with two types of sequins?  I'm thinking it's Christmas and you can get away with those things. 

P.S. I need a little practice at the self portrait taking other bloggers are so obviously pros at.  Note: clean up room before taking photo and don't look so serious.


  1. also- take one million shots and then pick your favourite.

    you look awesome ali! i love the double-sequins, festive and fashionable!

  2. Thanks! I wish I had one of those tuxedo blazers that were longer to go with this outfit. On another note, update your friggin' blog!

  3. so cute - love it! keri