Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hallway Wall Decorating

What can I do with this long hallway?  Right now it's a bunch of empty space. 

On the side with the long wall I have a one framed photo. The plan is to have a gallery wall, but I find them a little intimidating.  Plus, I don't have nearly enough pictures to hang. Do you build the gallery wall gradually or hang all at once?  I couldn't wait so I hung one of Jane to the side hoping it doesn't look too awkward. 

On the other side I have a painting that fits nicely but I worry about it matching the photos on my future gallery wall.  Do you collect pictures so they all match? Decorating usually comes easy to me but this one is tricky. 


  1. i find this a challenge too- we have several large blank walls just asking for big art pieces (or several smaller ones) and there just isn't $$ for one, or the perfect one hasn't showed itself yet. we have lots of small framed things but they often look dwarfed on a big blank wall to me. nothing matches- but personally i just prefer that.
    i know this is incredibly 70's of me, but i have been contemplating trying to find a rug or a wall-hanging of some sort. hahaha that just sounds funny. but if you found the right one- and if it went with your overall decorating style- it could be the thing to take up space.
    other than that i think the key is patience...could be years before the walls are covered just so.
    what does this hallway lead to? could you take up some space with a coat/hat/scarf rack (a nice one, maybe with a shelf over it) until you have more pictures for your gallery wall?
    a simple skinny shelf maybe with some books or knickknacks or a creeper plant might work too.

  2. Thanks Steph! Those are great ideas. I actually have a wall hanging all rolled up in our basement that used to belong to my mom, but it doesn't go with the rest of the house. You're right, it could be years before we find the right pieces. In the meantime, I think I might try the coat rack and a shelf you suggested.