Thursday, September 8, 2011

Long Weekend

 The weather wasn't the best for our family vacation but we still managed to enjoy ourselves.  We were so thankful for the screened in porch where we spent most of our time.

We also went into a nearby town for lunch and shopping.  I just love this photo of Jane's feet in the air.  Babies are so hilariously flexible.  

 And we enjoyed meals outside.  Checkout the mountain of spaghetti on our plates!  The fresh air makes you work up an appetite I guess. 

The last long weekend of the summer has come and gone, the kids are back at school and the weather has turned cold.  It's like somebody flipped a switch and fall is here!  I'm hoping we still have a few more hot summer days though.  I hope for at least one more day where I can wake up and walk down to the lake with Jane.  I know you can do that in the fall but there's something great about throwing on a pair of shorts and knowing you don't need a sweater at 7:00 in the morning.


  1. she is so gorgeous! and so are you.

  2. really, im obsessed with the top picture. you made that adorable person! you are amazing!

  3. i love the picture of her on the table!
    i ditto steph's comments!

  4. She is pretty darn cute and every day Phil and I look at her and say we can't believe she is all ours.