Thursday, September 8, 2011

Homemade Baby Food

I'm really enjoying making food for Baby Jane.  There's something that just feels so good about knowing exactly what's going into your baby's pureed carrots, and that's just carrots and water.  No preservatives.

If you don't have the right tools I can see it being a real chore.  Never mind these specialty products like the Baby Bullet.  All you need is a hand blender or food processor. 

It's also important to have a good size steamer.  You can find these at any store where they sell kitchen stuff.  I have a couple, but for Jane's food though, I'm using a big pasta pot with a strainer because I can steam a lot of veggies all at once.  It's key to make big batches so you`re not making baby food every day.

I would also suggest having a good knife.  To me this is the most important kitchen tool period.  Not just for making baby food, but for all food preparation.  There is nothing worse than struggling to cut a big butternut squash with a cheap blunt knife.

I did however pick up a few specialty baby products.  I bought BPA free ice cube trays with lids, as well as individual cubes for freezing baby food.  The individual cubes are convenient but you`ll need several on hand because they`re not as easy to pop the food out.  I recommend the high quality ice cube trays.  That way you can freeze the food and dump the cubes into freezer bag for storage.

I also bought a spoon that holds the puree.  You can squeeze out the right amount right onto the spoon as you feed.  It`s great for feeding on the go. 


  1. I linked to your blog from FB. It's great, it's making me hungry!! I have a blog of my own:

    See you at our next playdate :)

  2. Great, thanks! I'll be sure to check yours out.