Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swimming with Jane

Phil and I took Jane swimming for the first time on the weekend.  I think she enjoyed it.  Jane always goes very serious when she's around new people or out somewhere she's not used too.  I haven't figured out if she's shy or just taking it all in.  Anyway, I think it was a success.

It was funny because so much preparation went into our little day trip that lasted only two hours.  I'm sure other parents can appreciate this.  First I had to get the right bathing suit with UV protection and the right size (Jane is a big girl so she never fits the clothing she is supposed to), next was to find waterproof diapers, and all natural sunscreen for the parts of her body that were exposed.  The day of we had to wait for her to have all her naps, make a lunch to bring with us, pack everything we needed for the short trip, including a last minute trip to pick up an umbrella for shade.  Eventually we got there around 3:00 in the afternoon.  We had fun though!


  1. i heard jane also had a swim at the condo! sounds like fun!

  2. No it's a stalker.

  3. This post is awesome....and eye opening!! Love it!