Monday, August 8, 2011

Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara

I've tried many high-end mascaras and never feel satisfied with the results.  Just recently I bought Lise Watier's "Feline" mascara, and I found I always had black circles under my eyes by midday, and it was always smeared on my eyelids.  This was not a good thing for a new mom already lacking sleep. 

So I went back to my tried, tested, and true drugstore brand, Rimmel .  I like buying makeup and trying out new products, but I think as far as mascara goes, I've found my favourite.  It separates my lashes, and doesn't clump.  It's also half the price compared to some of the fancier brands!  What are some of your favourite makeup products?


  1. being that i'm an easy, breezy, beautiful, covergirl... i usually go with lashblast fusion.

  2. so does it work with the raccoon eyes? huge problem for me too!

  3. Yup no raccoon eyes at all. Seriously, it works great and it's CHEAP.