Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Goat Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Hamburgers.  There are a million different ways to make them.  I usually leave the condiment decisions up to the individual because we all have our favourite way to dress a burger.  As Phil says "as long as he has pickles and hot peppers he's good."

These burgers are made with equal parts ground pork and beef. I find it makes them especially moist.  I do the same with my meatballs and I also include lamb. 

This recipe makes about 6 burgers.  I always make extra and freeze for later.  Especially in the summer when we're barbecuing all the time.


1 Pound of extra lean ground beef
1 Pound of ground pork
1 Egg
1/4 Cup of breadcrumbs
2 Tsp of dried rosemary
2 Tsp of dried thyme
2 Tsp of dried basil
Salt and pepper to taste
6 Tbs of soft goat cheese

For the burgers:

Combine all ingredients in a bowl except for goat cheese and make into burgers.  Make a dent in the burger using your thumb, add a tablespoon of goats cheese and seal patties around the edges and enclose the  cheese.  Repeat with remaining 5 portions.  Can be prepared 4 hours ahead.  Cover and refrigerate.

Grill burgers on the barbecue on medium-high heat until cooked through.  About 5 minutes on each side.

The toppings are up to you!

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