Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our First Anniversary!

It was also the first time we've left Jane for the night.  She was with my in-laws, therefore in very good hands, but I had such anxiety about it.  I think Phil and I talked about Jane the whole night.  We had a great time.  I don't think I want to leave her overnight again any time soon though.  My friend told me the feeling never goes away.  

We had a platter of  Yukon Gold, Adirondack, and Sweet Potato fries, as well as Dirty Vodka Martinis as a snack at the hotel before we changed for dinner.  What a great way to start the evening! 

Later we went to Campagnolo for dinner.  The photos didn't turn out because it was so dark in there and I hate using a flash because it's probably irritating for other diners. We had Chorizo sausage with Portuguese octopus and I had the lamb with a sour cherry reduction and white kidney beans.  Shaved on top was the most delicious Parmesan cheese and it was the perfect combination with the meat and beans. 

Thank you Phil for the best wedding anniversary ever!

P.S. My hair looks really greasy in this photo because Phil surprised us with a head and back massage.  I of course didn't pack my blow dryer and curling iron so I had to pull my hair back. 

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