Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Mermaid and the Oyster

Have you been there?  It's a seafood market on Kerr Street near Speers Road.  They have a small menu that can prepared for take-out or enjoyed at one of their bistro tables.  Phil and I chose the Snapper Taco and the Garlic Fish Sandwich. Both sandwiches were served with a salad dressed with a tangy mustard dressing.  We were both so impressed with the food!  Don't you just love discovering spots like this?  And best of all it's walking distance from our home!  Not only do they have sandwiches they also have a selection of entrees and lobster dinners. Can you imagine being surprised at home with a lobster dinner all prepared for you?  So fancy!

P.S. Can you see Jane in the background in the top photo?  She also liked the fish taco.

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