Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life at 9 Months Pregnant

Phil and I have had to change our routine a bit. Instead of commuting to work by train and subway we’re driving together, and that means unpredictable traffic and getting home later. This doesn’t give us much time to make dinner and I’m also feeling so tired with only 3 weeks left until my expected due date.

So on the weekend I decided to think ahead  and buy some pre-made meals. Last night I was feeling exhausted but was relieved to remember I had a lasagne in the freezer. It would be perfect since Phil had hockey in about an hour. I was busy chopping up makings for a salad when Phil said “you realize that takes over an hour to cook right?” I looked at him as if he was crazy and flipped the box over to read the instructions. It takes 2 hours to cook!!! Now what’s so convenient about that? I could make one from scratch in that time.

Anyway, here it is. We finally sat down to eat just before 10 pm.

Wow, was this the most boring post ever? Sorry, this is my way of saying I have nothing for you guys.


  1. You look GREAT, Ali! I was secretly hoping you would post another picture of your baby bump - I can't believe the time is almost here.

    I find that most pre-made meals take a fair amount of time to prepare. Anyway, it looks like it was good.

  2. AliK, you look adorbs!!!! Wow, you are super lucky that I am so far away, otherwise, I would be all over that belly of yours. I am SUPER creepy when it comes to preggers ladies. Too friggin cute!!!! Kayla

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  4. Kayla you're so creepy (and funny). And that lasagna takes a long time but it is so tasty. I love all the cheese.