Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Staying in

 So excited to read all my magazines that were delivered this week!  I heard on the radio today that Scarborough wasn't getting their mail because Canada Post was short-staffed but it looks like we had no problem.

I think my favourite part in Bon Appetit is the very last page where they interview a celebrity and ask them things like "what's your most memorable meal?" or "what meal reminds you of home?"  I usually turn to that page first.
 They interviewed Alfred Molina this month and he mentions how an English roast dinner reminds him of home, and I have to say I think Sunday roast dinner reminds me of home too... that and Cornish Pasties.

P.S. Meg, there are some brownies on the front page that I need you to make me please.


  1. you should post about your most memorable meal. i don't know if i even know what mine would be... oh wait i think it was that poutine you made... whenever i see a new bon appetit i want to get it for you... good to know you have a subscription!

  2. Done and done. I will make them for sure! I need to take the recipe from you next time.