Sunday, January 23, 2011

My most memorable meal…

That’s a tough one. My first instinct is to think back to restaurants I’ve eaten at, and there have been many, but none that really stick out. Phil and I have noticed that when we’re treating ourselves to a fancy restaurant our expectations are high and can’t help but feel just a little disappointed in the end on occasion. I’m talking about some of the posh restaurants that you’re really looking forward to trying and then you get there and it’s just okay. One that comes to mind that was ridiculously expensive and over-rated was Lee as in the well-known Chef Susur Lee.

It’s hard to choose just one meal. So I’ll choose components from a couple. The first thing that comes to mind are oysters we had in Victoria, B.C. a few years ago. They were so fresh tasting and maybe the biggest oysters I’ve ever had. I remember actually feeling light headed as I slurped them down with a glass of dry white wine. And no it wasn’t the wine!

I also remember a restaurant in Spain right on the beach that had no menus, just a table displaying the fresh catch of the day that you could choose your lunch from. I had the most amazing langoustines that I cracked into while juices were running down my arms looking out onto the ocean.

I realize both those times I was on vacation. So I wonder if the ambiance has something to do with it. There’s nothing better than the unexpected, stopping at a restaurant knowing nothing about it and then being pleasantly surprised. This photo was taken at a Tapas spot in NYC while in town for my girlfriend’s wedding two years ago. I think it was about 3:00 in the afternoon and Phil and I had been walking around sight seeing all day when we realized we were hungry. I also remember the prices were so reasonable for an NYC restaurant and that’s always a pleasant surprise too.

I also find Phil’s tuna melts are pretty memorable.


  1. nice post! . . . it probably made you hungry to think of all the potential greatest meals. beautiful photo too.

  2. Thanks for giving me the idea! I wish I could remember the name of the oysters. It was the night before we met up with you. Does Raspberries ring a bell? They were a type I hadn’t seen before.

  3. Phil's tuna melts are what made me like tuna melts!!