Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 for 1 at Swiss Chalet

If you live outside of Canada you’re missing out. For those of you who don’t know Swiss Chalet, it’s a restaurant that serves rotisserie chicken here in Canada. Canadians are big fans of the chicken and the “Chalet Sauce.” One of my friends (I won’t name names) will actually drink the rest of the sauce/gravy if there's any left over.

Leading up to Christmas they always do a “Festive Special”. That’s your usual quarter chicken dinner with a side of fries or some other potato, but this time served with stuffing and cranberry sauce as well as Lindor chocolates on the side. It used to always be a Toblerone chocolate but they switched it up a couple of years ago. I don’t usually like change like that but I approved.

I have so many fond memories of going to Swiss Chalet as a kid with my family. The five of us would squeeze into a booth having no need to look at the menus (who does?) because we already knew what we were ordering. I would start off with a Shirley Temple, have my Quarter Chicken Dinner and end with a chocolate sundae served in a stainless steel bowl that always felt sort of fancy.

When I told Phil last night I thought it would be a good idea if I picked him up after work and go there he was quite pleased. Last night was packed because everybody was using their Festive Special coupons that expire at the end of January. So if you haven’t gone yet and have a coupon you better go soon.


  1. Oh man. Nothing like the Swissie!
    Mind you, I am quite fond of St Hubert as well. Being Quebecois and all...

  2. hahaha. great post. yum. the shirley temple was my favourite part of swiss chalet when i was a kid. just think... soon you will be starting the same tradition with your own family!

  3. I've never been to St Hubert. Are there any in Ontario still?

    It's true! I thought of that when we were there. It's such a family friendly place.

  4. no way! Toblerone forever!

  5. i came on to make a toblerone comment but someone beat me to it.

    and it may have actually been my husband.