Sunday, November 14, 2010


This weekend was busy! Friday we took off of work to run an all day hockey camp. Phil was of course in charge of the hockey and I served lunch with help from Meg.  I'm not much of a baker so Meg made the most delicious chocolate chip cookies. Thanks Meg!

I was a little stressed the night before considering I don't have much experience feeding kids (not yet at least).  I decided on turkey, ham and tuna sandwiches.  I found some whole wheat Ciabatta rolls and also bought a lot of white country bread for the more pickier kids.  I love provolone cheese on sandwiches but I was worried about the flavour being too sharp for the kiddies and opted for Havarti and some crunchy Romain lettuce.  For the tuna, I used a little mayo, finely chopped celery and Alfalfa sprouts.  I knew I was pushing it with the tuna and sprouts and I was right, it was only tuna left at the end of the day.

After doing a look around the room I saw some of the kids removing cheese, lettuce and some eating up to three sandwiches just as I made them.  I think I learned that there is no pleasing all kids.  At the end of the day waiting for the parents to pick up the kids I sat with the last two very chatty boys and tried  to get their feedback.  I asked them what some of their favourite foods were and got "Kraft dinner" and "Hamburger Helper".  The next sessions are for three days just before Christmas so I better start brainstorming some new ideas.  This is so new to me!


  1. but most of them love pickles and think I am a weirdo for not LOVING pickles. SO- you could just serve up trays of pickles and you'd stand a good chance of pleasing most kids.

  2. Haha - you're right! I actually wondered for a second of a child could OD on those and the orange slices.