Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sandwich Box

It's finally here!  You have no idea how happy it made this pregnant woman when I saw they were finally open for business.  They have a few locations in the city but when they closed their Queen and John location it just wasn't convenient for me to go to the others.  I couldn't believe it when I saw one was opening up about a 10 minute walk from my office, but they really took their time with opening.

Here's my sandwich eaten at my desk.  I wish I took a photo of the actual restaurant so you could see the choice of breads and other ingredients, but I felt self-conscious of others around me.  I also guess I was trying to play it cool and not let on how very excited I was for my sandwich.

For $10 you build your own sandwich with a wide variety of high quality ingredients. I had a turkey breast sandwich with an olive spread, caramelized onions, country mustard, arugula and provolone cheese.  Every sandwich is topped with a squeeze of fresh lemon and olive oil then toasted.  The sandwich is served in a plain white paper container alongside mixed greens lightly doused in a balsamic vinaigrette.  They also offer soups daily like lentil and spinach and they offer a salad bar.  Of all the places I've eaten out at you won't find a lunch like this for that price anywhere.

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  1. i love this joint! i miss it at our new office. but my wallet doesn't miss it. because it couldn't eat it it only had to pay for it.