Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Phew, it’s finally here. Are you as pumped as I am for the long weekend? 3 full days away from work!
So what are everybody’s plans for the weekend? I’m celebrating Thanksgiving with my family the one day and Phil’s the next, and we have my sister’s birthday. The weather is also supposed to be incredible so I will definitely take a trip to the Farmer’s Market and maybe do some cleaning up in the garden. We’re also painting the house, well Phil is. So I can’t wander off too far.

What are you favourite Thanksgiving recipes? Having family around the corner Phil and I always just go to their homes for dinner so I’ve never actually cooked a turkey. What I do know is my mom makes the very best stuffing in the world. I know everybody loves the stuffing they grew-up with but I really think my mom’s is the best. I’ve been bugging her to give the recipe to me. I know my mom puts sage, sausage, bread and corn in it and maybe that’s it. So simple.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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