Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Since we're on the topic of tomatoes...

For my American readers a caesar is a drink similar to the Bloody Mary but with Clamato juice instead of tomato juice.  Clamato is exactly how it sounds, clam juice with tomato juice.  That sound unappetizing, but trust me it is delicious!  One of the things I like best is the liquid isn't as thick as tomato juice.  To me the other key ingredient is horseradish. 

Phil makes a killer caesar.  This one here that he made me was like a meal with all the garnishes.

1-2 Ounces of vodka (or no vodka if that's your thing)
2 Drops of Worcestershire sauce (I obviously had to look up that spelling)
1 Tsp of hoseradish
Pepper, to taste
Clamato juice
Montreal Streak Spice, to taste
Celery salt for rimming

Baby Bell cheese
Celery stick
Pickled onion
Wedge of lime

Rim the edge of the glass with lime and dip into the celery salt or store-bought caesar rimmer.  Add ice, vodka, seasoning and juice to glass and stir.  Add garnishes just before seasoning.


  1. we are caesar aficionados out here. we are known for our bacon vodka's (you can google how to infuse your own vodka with bacon, not as weird as it sounds) and poof- you have a blt vodka.

    but a little trick i like to add to an everyday caesar is a splash of pickle juice. just a little tip from me to you! xo

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  3. Oh I would like one right now please! Looks so so good!


  4. MMMM Baby Bell! I've done a piece of boccocini but this is even better!