Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is a place we ate at while in Chicago.  Unfortunately the photos didn't really turn out since we were on a dark patio.

Phil and I never really have a plan for when we set out in search of food, we just get ready at the hotel and walk.  This time we stumbled upon Vermilion. We browsed the menu and were on the fence, mainly because I just didn't know what I was in the mood for. I think what made us decide to go with it were the reviews they had posted.  I'll admit it, I saw Oprah had eaten there and that did it for me.

I just noticed all the smears on the plates of goat cheese and pomegranate molasses.... does that make it fancy when a restaurant does that?  It used to be foam, but I heard that's 'so yesterday' I guess smears still cut it though.   
Blue Corn Crusted Scallops
Kali mirch Latin calabasa, goat cheese puree
 Duck Vindaloo Arepa
Brushed pomegranate molasses, curry leaf mango
 Caldeirada de peixe
Traditional Brazilian seasonal seafood stew, Indian seasoning, tomato rice
 Shrimp Paella
Ancho tequila marinated, Indian flattened rice poha, shrimp and mussels

We shared pretty much everything and I especially loved the appetizers.  The Seafood Stew was my main and that was just okay.  The coconut milk was a little overpowering.  My favourite was the Duck Vindaloo.    And no I didn't see Oprah. 

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