Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kerr Street Cafe

Really want this place to do well but it's a little steep.  We need more places like this one in our neighborhood so I'll do my best to support it, but breakfast for $38 might set me back a bit. 

Phil and I both had the "Big Breakfast" that wasn't so big in size, but it was tasty at least.  It came with two eggs, Chorizo sausage, potatoes, mushrooms and thick grainy toast.  I get it, chorizo is expensive, but $14 is pricey for a plate of eggs and sausage, no matter what kind - no?  We had a coffee and tea but no coffee refills were offered and we didn't order any OJ once we saw the price.

A few days before I had lunch there with Meg.  Lunch is a little more reasonable.  Both sandwiches were delicious and we each had a couscous salad with it.

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