Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gardening is rewarding

This here is my very first vegetable from our garden.  I planted millions of radishes and I'm not even a big fan.  I guess it's because I heard they're easy to grow and I liked hearing that since this is my first garden.
I feel like I could start liking radishes more.  It was just one of those things I didn't like as a kid and forgot to try again as an adult, until now.  They're not all that bad.  Does anybody have any interesting recipes that use radishes?  I put this one in a salad Phil and I had for lunch.  I cannot wait until we can have a salad completely made from vegetables grown in our garden! 


  1. theyre not bad pickled... otherwise you can make those little flowers outta them

  2. Wow! U have nice teeth...

  3. Pickled sounds good! I also saw a lovely salad the other day with smoked salmon and radish. Speaking of smoked salmon, I’ve heard Costco has some of the best. A friend of mine brings it to her family in Italy all the time.

    The teeth are a result of many years wearing headgear, retainers and braces… glad to hear it paid off!