Friday, May 21, 2010

A Quick Meal for One

Some weeknights I have yoga (though I haven’t gone the last couple of weeks) and Phil has hockey. On those nights we either snack on leftovers in the fridge or make something really quick. This is a great satisfying meal that takes no time at all.

I rarely ever buy skinless boneless chicken breasts unless I’m doing something like… I can’t even think what now… maybe fajitas. All the flavour is in the skin and the bones and it’s far cheaper compared to the boneless breasts. I bought two chicken legs and marinated them in juice from one lemon, about a tablespoon of olive oil and salt and pepper. Feel free to add any herbs you have in the house like thyme or tarragon as well. I also chopped up some carrots and onion and roasted the vegetables along with the chicken at 420F. While the chicken was cooking I made sweet potato mash with a little olive oil and maple syrup. And we’re done! The vegetables we’re really lemony since they were thrown in the same dish as the chicken was marinated and cooked in.

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  1. A million possibilities with chicken legs,this would have been good on the grill as well!