Monday, April 19, 2010

Charlie's Burgers

You may have heard about the “anti-restaurant” by now called Charlie’s Burgers. It was all over the news last week.

The cost is $75-$200 for an inventive meal prepared by Canada’s top chef’s. To join one of these suppers, you go here, submit your email and you'll receive a survey almost instantly asking the following questions:

What is your occupation?
Where did you hear about us?
What are your 3 favourite restaurants in Toronto?
What would your last meal on earth be?
Anything else you want to tell us about yourself? Please don't tell us you like food and cooking. Get creative and don t be shy.

If you're one of the chosen ones, you'll receive a mysterious email with strict instructions to wait for a cryptic letter telling you where you’ll be dining for the evening. Don't you think this sort of sounds like a rave? I've heard you could be dining anywhere from an abandoned warehouse to a private home, and it's never clear who the host is.

So has anybody been to one of these suppers? If you have I'm jealous.


  1. oh man i hope you get an invite im SO intrigued!

  2. I seriously doubt it, but I’ll try.

  3. That actually sounds super fun. Hope you get to try it.