Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More about Boffo's

I really love that Boffos is so close to my house! The owner knows us now and really takes the time to help us choose the right meat. He tells us all about what the animal ate, what choice/cut of meat he thinks is best and how he would recommend cooking it without sounding arrogant. After choosing some of his homemade spicy Italian sausages, a pork rib roast and some Spanish parma ham, we decided we were in the mood for a peameal sandwich.  By the way, they cure their own peameal on site... amazing!


  1. You got Vinny so excited about this place but we haven't gone yet, maybe this week? I'm sending him this post!

  2. They have lots of other sandwiches, not just the peameal. Tell me what he thinks when you do go.