Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wedding Cakes

Remember when wedding cakes were always fruit cake? I don’t. I was just told that’s how it used to be. You’re old… JUSTKIDDING! Nowadays you can get butter cream, poppy seed lemon, white chocolate, orange almond, marble… well, you get the idea. Phil and I are tying the knot in July and need to find a wedding cake. How do you choose??

I have a friend who was married in November and she said the first thing she did when she got engaged was sample cakes. Smart girl. I on the other hand was under the impression a good family friend was making ours, but unfortunately she won’t be in the country in July. I really loved the idea of the cake being made by somebody we knew and wasn’t too fussed about what it looked like (though I know it would have been amazing). Now where to start?  I've decided on the cake topper, but no cake.

I think if we were getting married in the city it would be easy to find a bakery I’m familiar with, but we’re getting married near Niagara-on-the-Lake. Does anybody have any recommendations?


  1. Just say the word and I will bake you a wedding cake. You've seen my Martha Stuart cake decorating skills. Or need I remind you of the different sized, lopsided, rectangular, chocolate cake I baked for you?

  2. I know Pelmo wouldn't complain.

  3. heheehee i know who that friend was :)