Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Because Not Everybody Drinks Coffee...

Did you know Tazo chai lattes at Second Cup are better than Starbucks? Yup, it’s true. We ended up at Starbucks last night and it just wasn’t the same. I’m not a coffee drinker and mainly stick to my usual English Breakfast or Orange Pekoe tea, but once in a while I like to be adventurous. It’s also just become a thing to do in the winter to get out of the house mid-week. We walk downtown to the library and stop off for a latte before we head home. I think I need to try out some independent coffee houses now because I imagine those are even better.  Any recommendations?



  2. Noted. Next time I'm in the area I'm there.

  3. you should read my friend mel's blog, she is another food type person and she often reviews/visits/enjoys coffee joints. YUM!

  4. Hi Alison!

    Mrs. Sorrell is sitting right next to me as we speak! And because it's Friday at 4 pm, I'm going to stop working and throw in my two cents if you don't mind... Downtown Toronto has so many amazing independent coffee shops, and I love sharing my favourites/checking out about other people’s favourites. I’m also not a huge coffee fan (tea girl), so if I’m visiting a coffee spot it’s usually because I am also in search of an excellent cookie/croissant/rugelach to dip into it… :)

    Okay. Here I go:

    B Espresso Cafe (inside the Royal Conservatory of Music) on Bloor Street East at University, is a really beautiful space. Exposed brick walls reveal the original building connecting to the recent addition. Unfortunately it's not open during weekends, but I try to nip in if I'm playing hookie from work (which I would NEVER do for the record...............)

    On Spadina in Chinatown, south of Dundas, The Dark Horse Espresso Bar has got to be the best room to sit and linger in on a bright afternoon. The light streaming in through those big glass windows is just lovely.

    Dundas West, west of Bathurst, is home to so many wonderful spots. One of my favourites ever is Ezra's Pound at 913 Dundas Street West. Not only is their coffee great, but their pastries are amazing! They make a really lovely Earl Grey shortbread cookie. Further down the street is Zoots Cafe (1438 Dundas Street West, east of Dufferin). The room is so kitschy and they make really beautiful cupcakes.

    I wrote about both one cold afternoon… if you feel so inclined:

    At Adelaide and Portland, there is an absolute gem of a coffee-shoppe called La Merceria, which makes delicious chai lattes from loose-leaf chai. They also have beautiful housewares and things for sale.

    Otherwise, uptown at Yonge and Lawrence is a fantastic French patisserie called Patisserie Sebastien. Amazing French pastries and fantastic café au laits. Wow.

    Anyhow. Now that I’ve written a novel, good luck! Let me know how it goes/what you find/if you find something too!


  5. Wow thanks for all these great recommendations! I recently moved from the city to the burbs so I’m not downtown (besides when I’m at work) as much as I used to be. I will definitely check out some of these spots though. Just drinking tea it didn’t really matter where it came from because it all generally tastes the same, but now that I’ve discovered the lattes I need to get out there.

    Ps. Great blog!

  6. Alison! We have to connect! I see you're a mushroom/health food nut & maybe not a coffee lover at the same time :) you know of reishi right?

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    In Love, Joy & Gratitude!
    Carrie Gebbie, MS