Friday, December 18, 2009

Gifts to buy the food lover in your life

I think every cook needs a Dutch Oven.  Le Creset is a well known brand, but they cost a pretty penny. You can often find them at a discounted price at Home Sense or you can purchase a Mario Batali’s Dutch Oven. I know we’ve been feeling overwhelmed with celebrity chef gear and sometimes it's not that great, but I’ve read good things about his line.

Speaking of celebrities... this book is amazing. I think Martha has the perfect cupcake for every occasion - if only I liked baking!! At least I can appreciate it.

Every time I’m zesting a piece of citus, or grating paremsean, I wonder how I survived without this.

Cooking classes at Calphalon Cooking School. Phil and I took one together on my birthday. You can drink wine while you cook too!


  1. haha- dutch oven. I can never take that word seriously after growing up with 2 brothers.

  2. no seriously im so glad someone else thought the same thing
    of course it was megan