Wednesday, November 25, 2009

“My Life in France” by Julia Child

 Just finished this book and I’m hoping for the cook book for Christmas.  I am also hoping to visit Batifole some time soon since I have an intense craving these days for butter, beautiful rich sauces and duck, maybe the winter weather has something to do with it.  Do not read this book when you’re hungry, even though when I’m not hungry and reading in bed I later find myself in the kitchen nibbling on cheese.

My Life in France was inspiring.  Julia arrived in France not knowing how to speak the language or a thing about food or cooking.  From there she went to the Cordon Bleu cooking school and joined a class of all men.  After that she started her own cooking school and later of course, wrote many famous books on mastering the art of French cooking.  What a life!  This book was written with her nephew Alex Prud’homme who I think really captured Julia’s voice.  From the few appearances I’ve seen on TV I think he did a remarkable job.  Julia and her husband Paul, also documented their life in France in great detail through letters written to Julia’s sister and Paul’s brother, which were all kept.  It’s almost as if they knew this book would be written in the future. 
Julia Child is so passionate about food and France.  She remembers with great detail the first mouth-watering meal she had arriving in France – Sole Meuniere.  I now must also go to France and find my memorable meal. 


  1. hey do you ever watch French Food at Home? I know its kinda low-budget looking and quirky sometimes, but Laura Calder is actually a total character and I feel you would love her.

  2. I do! That's where I got the pork braised in milk recipe.