Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Exotic Finishing Salts

Thank you Madeleine!  I haven't tried these guys out yet, but I pull them out from the kitchen cupboard and admire them at least weekly.  What to make!?  There are 10 salts here, but I think I like the sounds of Bolivian Sea Salt the best.  Should I start with something as simple as scrambled eggs?   I don't think it needs to be really complicated... I've had Fleur De Sel sprinkled in butter and that was very enjoyable. 


  1. 10 salts!! are any of them for the bath? or just all eating?

  2. Haha – nope, no Epson salts here my friend.

  3. fun!
    those salts are famous now, they've been featured!
    Can't wait to read a review, and for god sakes tell me how to use them when you figure it out!